Martha Huizenga

See my current work in:

Capitol Hill Art League
WRAP IT UP! The Art of Giving at CHAW
Opening December 10, 2011
Sale through December 22, 2011
4 pm - 8 pm
545 7th Street, SE
Washington, DC 20003
The Capitol Hill Art League's Annual Show and Sale
Take it off the wall and we'll wrap it up for you!


I have shown my work at the following venues in Washington, DC:

City Gallery
804 H Street NE
Washington, DC 20002
Open 1-5 Friday and Saturday

Corner Store

Capitol Hill Art League

Fusion Grill

Evolve Urban Arts Project

Park Cafe

Fisher Gallery in the Schlesinger Art Center on the Alexandria NOVA Campus

Artist Statement

For me, photography started in 2004 when I made a conscious choice to leave corporate America and my 15-year career in telecommunications. I joined my husband as a partner in our own cottage industry, operating an ISP out of our row house on Capitol Hill. I added regular yoga to my passion for running and began volunteering in many community initiatives. I also took a photography class to further “expand my horizons.” Since then I see the world somewhat differently—figuratively by having added new dimensions to my lifestyle and literally through the lens of my dad’s old Pentax. My intrigue at what I see in the world continues to develop.

Having lived in urban environments, Chicago and Washington, most all my life, I now find myself drawn to nature. I feel that I have grown as a photographer in this short time – becoming more comfortable with all types of landscapes, including industrial landscapes.
Taking the pictures, printing them on RC or fiber paper, framing the photos and participating in Capitol Hill Art League and other shows allows my previously under-tapped creative side to emerge while giving me a sense of accomplishment.